Welcome to the demonstration of my Web Database Publisher

    Key Points

  • Tables from a desktop database (such as MS Access, SQL Server or mysqli) can be published to the Web, if they can export in CSV format(Comma Seperated Valalues).

  • Forms and datasheets are generated by a server based script which uses meta data rather than hard code.

  • Tables can be viewed and edited to capture data to Web Database.

  • Mobile friendly.

  • The demo shows several examples of Access and Excel tables web enabled.

  • Tables can be uploaded and downloaded to CSV files for the storage could be 'Microsoft SQL Server' or 'mysqli(open source)'.

  • Backend management can be implemented within the Web Application, or on any suitable database client with ODBC(such as Microsoft Access).

  • User and Group Level Security can be configured to allow users access to subsets of database.

  • The Application could be hosted on an intranet web server, on Apache(open source) or Microsoft web servers.

  • The Web Hosted Database for the storage could be 'Microsoft SQL Server' or 'mysqli(open source)'.

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